I have a gripe to share with you. It’s about texting. Rather, it’s about the double-tap, thumbs up or heart love, HA HA, !!, etc. response to one of my texts to you.

Look, I get it, you’re busy. Well, so am I. And I’m not an over-texter or Iliad and the Odyssey texter. My messages are short, to-the-point, don’t come in rapid-fire, and I only text when I need a quick response. But, since when did we get so lazy (er busy) to be able to type a couple of words as a response? Are we so insignificant to one another?

“Why?” you ask. Well, if I’m taking the time to type a text, can’t you take the time to type a quick response? OK, there is an instance where it’s ok to do the double-tap, like if you’re IN a meeting. But that’s about it.  Or, is it you believe I’m so smart I should be able to figure out the meaning of a thumbs up? Sorry, but if the answer to “I’ll cook today & have dinner ready when u get home. ETA & meal pref?” is a heart – excuse me but WTH does that mean? In general, I get it; you love the idea of having a meal ready when you get home. But what TIME? What would you LIKE to eat? Is typing “Great! 6ish. Just no pizza” so hard?

A dear friend sent me a graphic for my birthday last month. She didn’t type anything, but she took the time to find a travel-related graphic and send to me. I didn’t DARE respond with a double-tap heart. I responded, “Awww, thanks!”

In thousands of years of communication and writing, apparently, we’ve gone from hieroglyphics to well, hieroglyphics. Great, we’ve made it full circle. (Congratulations?) I’m not suggesting I want a hand-written note (but I sure miss those) but take 5 seconds and type a response to my text.

What are your thoughts? Are you a double-tapper responder? Leave me a note in the comments. Also, if we’re not connected on LinkedIn or you’re not following my blog, let’s fix that right now.

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