Is it me, or are some people abusing LinkedIn?

First, there are the endless, veiled sales pitches. Thanks, but I don’t need web development. Or Covid advice. Or business insurance. Or dear Lord, any help from a combo life-coach/resume writer/beekeeper who has all the answers to my problems.

Look, I know you’re out to land some business. I respect that. However, messaging me saying we have mutual connections and you’re looking “simply to expend your network in tourism” (media, technology – whatever), and then I connect and immediately get the auto-send IM asking if I need business insurance, can’t really be your strategy. Is it? I mean, why not say you offer business insurance, and you’d simply like to connect and stay in touch for when I DO need business insurance? And by the way, if you’re pitching business LEADS, do you think I’d use someone who scams people into connecting on LinkedIn as a source for leads?

Then, there are the “funny” posts. I know, we all need some levity in today’s world. I get it. But I don’t want it on LinkedIn. I’ll see you on Facebook or Instagram. Why on earth would you post a silly pet video on LinkedIn? If you’re on the board of an animal sanctuary, it’s okay, but just for fun? No. Note though, that motivational quotes and articles are okay as long as they’re work related.

Finally, political posts on LinkedIn are, in my opinion, professional suicide. I know, you’re passionate. But with the divisiveness we’re experiencing now in the country, why risk causing havoc in your professional life? Save that for the feud with your aunt on Facebook. I suppose you could argue that anything about covid, vaccines, etc. is “political” but I don’t believe it is. Health issues impact everyone unilaterally and this pandemic has impacted every single business, so I’m okay with covid posts.

If you know me, you know I’m no stranger to differences of opinion and I’m certainly a fan of sarcasm. For heaven’s sake, I have a blog where I give mostly poor reviews to the equally poor pizza in Indiana (see and document my quixotic quest to find a decent pizza around here. But keep the non-professional stuff OFF LinkedIn. It’s a great business platform, for all of us. Let’s keep it that way.

If we’re not connected on LinkedIn or if you’re not following my blog, let’s fix that right now, unless you’re pitching sales leads. (Sorry, I had to.)

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