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What others are saying about John T. Peters:

Sylma Brown – Director, Caribbean Tourism Organization-USA
“John, you connected with the audience in a way that I rarely experience.  Your presentation was insightful, relevant, humorous and substantive.  Providing the audience with specific takeaways was key.  I have received more requests for your presentation than for any other in recent years and we thank you for helping us to elevate the stature of the events of Caribbean Week.  Fantastic!”

Amy Larson – Industry Relations Manager, Wyoming Office of Tourism
John recently spoke at the Wyoming Governors Hospitality & Tourism conference on Travel Trends & What to do to stay ahead of the curve. He was relevant, engaging, and made sure the participants had actionable “take-aways”. His years of knowledge and experience in the industry made his talk informative, and his personality made it enjoyable. Many participants also commented on how approachable he was throughout the remainder of the conference as well to answer questions or just in conversation.

Matthew de Ganon – VP Mobile Product Management, Gannett
“John Peters is a rare breed. Well respected by his peers and management, John was a change agent whose skills earned him immediate respect. He uses an entrepreneurial background to effect change and quickly get things done. However, he also understands how to be a goal-driven and accountable corporate executive… John develops innovative solutions to problems…”

Leticia Boateng – Caribbean Tourism Accelerator
Your presence and smart remarks aided in amplifying our cause in the best way imaginable. Your insightful words sparked great remarks in the comment session. We also thank you on behalf of our cohort, who were encouraged and delighted to have you with them.

Gina Baillie – Regional Director, Europe, EyeforTravel Conferences
“John is an excellent conference speaker. Sharp, witty and always on the ball, he never fails to keep the audience informed and entertained.”

Susan Black – Co-Founder, The Black&Wright Group
“John has a thorough understanding of travel distribution, strategy eCommerce, and social media. He possesses a rare combination of deep applied knowledge and ongoing practical deployment. Over the 15 years I have worked on projects with John – from his Zeus Tours days, through his recent ascent to head up Digital Strategy at Rand McNally while continuing to oversee Tripology’s growth – he is an outstanding leader who always can be counted on to get the job done. He is one who “gets it” and is up to speed on the cutting-edge online tools and their applications. All of this, and an excellent conference speaker and moderator too! I recommend John to any company or person looking for some expert guidance and executive leadership in travel distribution and eCommerce and social media strategies.”

Carol Lucido – Academic Advisor, MBA program at Kellogg School of Management
“John was highly referred to me by a colleague at the University of Chicago. Based on her recommendation, we had John speak at a University of Chicago workshop class for over 125 undergraduate students interested in a career in business. John talked about his unconventional path in business and entrepreneurship in a clear and entertaining manner. He not only held the students’ attention (which is not an easy feat) but really motivated and inspired them. I had many students send me unsolicited emails thanking me for the workshop (not a common occurrence). I would highly recommend John for other speaker engagements and I know we will invite him to speak for us again.”

Henry Harteveldt – Travel industry analyst and advisor
“John is an intelligent, creative, and strategic business professional. John has unique, extensive knowledge in a number of areas critical for 21st Century business success: General management, business strategy, traditional and digital/online marketing, eCommerce, social media, and operations. John’s experience in both established and entrepreneurial ventures gives him a valuable perspective… John has a dynamic personality. He is one of the finest non-professional public speakers I’ve ever seen; John delivers his message in an engaging, captivating manner. He has a well-honed, brilliant sense of humor, which he uses in a very effective manner. His writing is elegant in its focus. He ensures that a business arrangement is fair and beneficial to all involved.”

Jacqueline Johnson, CTC – International Travel Director, New York Magazine
“It is not often that you come across one of the stalwarts of the Travel Industry. John Peters is such a man. A dedicated family man, always gracious, with a keen sense of business. What sets John apart from most Company Presidents is his ability to connect, listen and make the necessary decisions that is beneficial to both parties. A gentleman of the highest order, I have nothing but admiration and respect for John. He never turns down an opportunity to help, offer advice or to take a leadership position when needed. I have known John for over 15 years and consider him a mentor and a friend.”

Jeff Tobe, CSP – Coloring Outside the Lines –
“I’ve known John since his Zeus Tours days. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with his in-depth knowledge of technology, tourism and sales make him an ideal partner. I’ve also heard John speak at a number of conferences and trade shows. His presentations, to large audiences and small, are always filled with humorous real-life stories that keep the audiences entertained as well as informed.”

Debbie Williamson- Business Development – The Telegraph; United Kingdom, Digital Publisher of the Year
“I very much enjoyed John’s presentation at World Travel Market in London.”

Darryl Wash – Owner, Ascend Venture Group
“John is creative, dedicated and hard-working. He has a demonstrated ability to create symbiotic partnerships and uncover value that others might miss. As an individual John is a pleasure to work with a well balanced combination of wit and directness. I would have John as part of any team that I assembled”

Kylie Sachs – Partner, Ascend Venture Group
“We were so pleased to attract John to Tripology as CEO. He has been a great value add to the team. He is a solid leader and a highly creative CEO. He is also a true visionary into trends in the travel technology industry and a leading-edge thinker.”

Kristin Zern – Executive Director, Association of Travel Marketing Executives
“I have known John for many years through industry contacts. John recently joined the ATME Board of Directors. He is without a doubt a very knowledgeable travel industry marketing professional. He is a brilliant creative thinker who always looks for new ways to distribute a travel product. He also has hundreds of contacts in the industry and uses networking to get things done. He always follows through and I greatly value his active participation on the ATME board. I highly recommend John Peters as a colleague and a friend.”

Tom Griffin – CEO, Travelscream
“John is a very capable and professional executive who has been responsive to our partnership and reflects the kind of business morals that I find refreshing, especially in this kind of environment. I would highly recommend John to any of our clients and friends.”

Kevin Fliess – Founder, TravelMuse
“John is a terrific person both on and off the court of business. The thing I like best about John is that he gets down to brass tacks. He knows how to drive to an informed decision quickly. He’s a breath of fresh of air in the online travel space: He’s pragmatic, forthright, and he “gets it.” To top it off, John possesses a great sense of humor that puts everyone at ease and he treats everyone he meets with integrity, respect, and care.”

Elizabeth Osder – Principal, The Osder Group
“John is a true innovator in the travel services sector and has been a wonderful resource to me over the years. He is smart, well connected and passionate about innovation and is building a company that is sure to bring needed efficiency to the market. I would recommend him as a business partner extraordinaire, and trusted confidant in exploring the travel and technology space.”

More recommendations can be found on John’s LinkedIn profile, here.

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