Vacation now? In Wide-Open Spaces? Yes, consider the American West!

“Vacation.” Having spent my entire career in the travel and tourism industry, that word, until a few months ago, would immediately elicit instant images of beaches and tiny winding streets on Mykonos, tropical drinks, the warm water of the Aegean, freshly grilled octopus and a villa with a view of the ocean. That’s what it means for me. The images conjured in your mind when you think of vacation are likely different, but when you boil it all down, the idea is to get away, unplug, unwind, relax, see, do, and in… Read More

10 Reasons Why I Love Southwest Airlines – Hint: It’s just as much about the airports…

I’m writing this particular post, and it is a long one, to address all my friends and family who give me that look when I say I’m on a Southwest flight…. “Southwest? You?”  Yes, me. Apparently I am a travel snob, so read on.  (And remember, this is my personal view from personal experience and has nothing to do with the companies for whom I work or have worked.) If you know me, you know most of my flying lately is, unfortunately, domestic.  You also know I *love* Southwest.  I’m on two… Read More