An Obnoxious New Marketing Trend – That Needs to Stop

“Do you want to save 10% on your purchase? Sign up for our emails below.” (But wait, there's more.) If…

Please Press “1” Could be killing your business.

Does a computer answer your company's phone? If so, it could be costing you more business than you know.

Short on time and resources? Partner up!

Someplace there’s someone just like you, who is short on time, short on resources, and short on manpower, just like you, who needs to solve a similar challenge. Why not partner up?

Why would anyone want to go back to an office?

Do you really need your team to be back in the office full time? The picture in this post? That's…

The Greatest Email You’ll Ever Send (2021 Edition)

2020 taught me a lot of things, but two stand out; life is precious and time is fleeting. Read about the greatest email you could ever send.

What’s happening on LinkedIn?

Is it me, or are some people abusing LinkedIn? If you're a LinkedIn user, especially a novice, read this.

What the heck is a feasibility study anyway?

A basic, simple feasibility study examines the viability of a business idea. Basically, the study provides whatever data and information needed to help leaders determine if the idea (project) could even work, and if so, what would the probability of success be? Think of it as the homework done in advance of a test. But, why use them? Read this and find out.

Don’t be “that” traveler. Please.

Top 10 tips on being a better traveler, and the two types of traveler. Strive to be the better one. Be a good human being no matter where you are.

Are you a double-tap text responder? For shame!

Are you a double-tap text responder? Well, I take issue with that.

The most beautiful Private Villas and Resorts in Greece. (Greece “Opens” on May 14!)

The CDC announcement that vaccinated people can travel is causing a stir, and this is great news. I’m hearing from…

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