What are you wearing?

Who, me? Well, I’ve got more than a few Zoom calls today, so right now? A short-sleeved button-down and….shorts and my Crocks. My point? Because of Covid, we’re all working from home and while conference calls abound, more than a few conversations today will take place by video. I don’t know what that means for you, but for me it means never skipping a shower, always shaving, and always wearing a respectable shirt. Sure, there are days I just walk around, unshaven, in a t-shirt and shorts, but you never know who… Read More

Growth During Crisis? Yes. Here’s How.

It’s time we prepare for growth in a post-Covid world. When we get to the next normal, we need to be ready.

Vacation now? In Wide-Open Spaces? Yes, consider the American West!

“Vacation.” Having spent my entire career in the travel and tourism industry, that word, until a few months ago, would immediately elicit instant images of beaches and tiny winding streets on Mykonos, tropical drinks, the warm water of the Aegean, freshly grilled octopus and a villa with a view of the ocean. That’s what it means for me. The images conjured in your mind when you think of vacation are likely different, but when you boil it all down, the idea is to get away, unplug, unwind, relax, see, do, and in… Read More

Startup Advice — Fail Quickly, Fail Cheaply, and Fail Often

I’ve written a lot on the topic of startup advice, but it’s still a hot issue in today’s business world especially as it relates to entrepreneurs and startups, so I’m writing about it again. The topic? The speed required by startups versus speed in the world of Corporate America. Read on. I remember speaking with a friend with whom I had worked before at two different organizations. One was my own startup, which I later successfully sold, and one was a large, well-established company. He had been having some challenges at his… Read More

13 Best Tips for Traveling with Kids in 2019

I’ve written about this before, and I have a feeling I might catch some heat again.  However, before you throw stones at me, read the whole post. For years, I’ve been traveling on planes listening to screaming, misbehaving, and crying kids. I must admit something very dark; I hated kids on planes. Just the sight of them made me cringe.  I would spy them in the waiting areas and try to judge how misbehaved they’d be and what my odds were that they would be sitting within one row of me or… Read More

New Authorization Required for Travel to Europe!

(This post has been updated to clarify that the ETIAS authorization is not a “visa.” Rather, the application process is for travel “authorization.”) As American citizens, we’re spoiled. We’ve got an incredibly strong passport and traveling to Europe has always been easy; just book and go. As long as you’re going for fewer than 90 days, there’s no paperwork and no hassle. Well, that’s about to change. In 2021, less than two years from now, US citizens will need a three-year, ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) authorization. The ETIAS authorization… Read More

Creating Strategic Partnerships using LinkedIn

Throughout my entire professional career, I have focused on creating strong, mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships. I’ve done hundreds of them. I have partnered with companies of all sizes, both public and private, for a variety of projects.  Most partnerships were successful, though some were clearly not. Even in the cases where mistakes were made, I have learned from all of these experiences and I believe I have “partnering” down to a science. Partnering is part of my professional DNA and I’ve always looked to create a culture of partnerships, both external and… Read More

What a trip to Whole Foods will teach you about branding and company culture.

A few weeks ago I went food shopping at my local (but regional chain) grocery store. I shop for food in a few places as I can’t seem to find one store that offers me everything. I wandered the store gathering my items when I realized I couldn’t find this one type of snack my daughter likes. I swear I went up and down every aisle, but no luck. I finally found an employee walking my way and I asked politely if she knew where these snacks were. “Aisle twelve I think”… Read More

The greatest email you’ll ever send.

I was recently on a plane. This isn’t unusual for me as I’m on a plane a few times a week. I proudly use “Road Warrior” as a description of myself because I’m in travel, so you can say I practice my trade all the time. Like most road warriors, I’m always surrounded by people, though amazingly, it’s still very easy to be lonely while traveling. Days, weeks and months pass (airline miles and hotel points rack up) and time seems to disappear before your eyes. While I consider myself pretty good… Read More

Upset? Stressed at work? Read this.

If you’re upset about something at work or if you’re otherwise stressed about your commute or something someone said, this post is for you. The other day, I was on a Delta flight. It was a small plane (maybe 15 rows in all) flying from Ithaca to Detroit to connect to Chicago. It was a short, smooth flight. The flight attendant (a woman who I guess was in her early 60s) was expertly and quickly serving beverages. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so she was wearing a pink ribbon pin. The female… Read More